You never knew when an insight would strike

until now.

Listen to your fans and critics to understand your position online. Knowing exactly where you stand in comparison to your competitors is valuable information that helps in determining your brand’s overall performance. We offer social media analytics for both brand tracking and campaign analysis.

Grow your business by tuning into the vast amount of data about your industry or product or service. Social media insights can help answer your business questions no matter what stage you’re in. Base your next steps and strategic decisions on our market analysis, launch feedback and product optimization.

Social media research is exciting and an ever-changing playground. We are constantly developing new ways of yielding the beast that is online data, chopping it up and serving it in different ways according to your taste. Our latest and greatest are picture analysis and customer service performance.

Brand engagement.

Base your decisions on top notch analysis


DSI: Brand tracking.

Learn what consumers are saying about you and your competitors

  • Capture your brand performance or corporate reputation within one single number
  • Easily compare your brand’s strength to your competitors’ in the blink of an eye
  • Diagnose accurately by zooming in on the details

BUZZ: Online campaign analysis.

Evaluate your campaign’s performance by listening to unsolicited opinions

  • Monitor how your campaign is catching on and impacting your brand, so you can adapt along the way
  • Learn how to improve the impact of your communication strategy and campaign messaging
  • Discover whether your campaign has had an actual impact on your brand image

Product innovation.

All questions answered, no matter the angle


INSPIRE: Market analysis.

Learn what consumers are saying about your market and its players to develop better products and services

  • Discover market trends & opportunities and identify the position of competitors
  • Learn about your (future) consumer’s unmet needs, barriers and motivations
  • Optimize your communication strategy through picture analysis

LAUNCH: Product launch feedback.

Listen to your early adopters and quickly adapt your rollout strategy

  • Receive fast feedback to make momentous changes early in the game
  • Inform product development of any malfunctions
  • Optimize your marketing communication, update your FAQ or revise your initial manuals

OPTIMIZE: Perfect your product.

Evaluate your consumers’ ratings and reviews to improve your market share

  • Identify key features that need to be addressed and revised
  • Discover how your products are crushing the competition’s – or not
  • Add a layer of analytics on top of your aggregated reviews for actual insights

There are no limits to our playground.

Our latest & greatest

INSPIRE: Picture analysis.

A picture is worth a thousand words – and there’s terabytes of them out there ready to be analyzed

  • Find out in what context consumers use your product
  • Learn how to design your packaging in a culturally relevant way
  • Use our visual gallery as inspiration for your own social content creation

OSP: Online service performance.

Improve your customer service by measuring exactly what your consumers are saying about it

  • Capture your consumers’ unsolicited opinions within one number
  • Easily compare your performance to that of competitors or brands in other markets
  • Learn exactly which buttons to push to improve your online presence

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