Our Data and Privacy Policy



Oxyme conducts social research. In other words, we purposefully collect online data about what is being shared about a selection of topics (brands, products, events, campaigns, and/or topics) on platforms aimed at facilitating a dialogue between people. Our goal is to generate generalizable insights about brands, products, events, campaigns and topics. Our goal is not to collect, store, distribute or alter data (text, pictures etc) in any way.

Our rules:

  • We collect links to pages, pictures, stories, text. We store the link and we enrich our information about this page in numerous ways. That meta-data is stored by us.
  • We only collect links for a specific purpose. We do not collect links for building a giant index of the web.
  • All links we collect must be publicly shared. In other words, the page, picture, story or text is accessible without the use of logins.

How we process collected data

The insights we provide to our clients are summaries based on the data collection, the enrichment of the data and the analysis we do. Once we collect a link, we process it further in our own system.

The key steps are:

  • Assess if the retrieved data is relevant for our research question. If not, we no longer analyze that data.
  • Enrich the data. We group and label the data we find. For example, did someone mention brand ‘X’. This allows us to create insights from the data.
  • Present our findings to our clients. Typically we write reports in PowerPoint, supported by tools to showcase trends and other results, e.g. 40% of Women who take care of babies, face issues with X.

If you have any questions about how we handle and manage our data, please connect to cu@oxyme.com.