Social insights to grow your business.

We deliver mind-changing insights based on online consumer talk. Fanatically. Across the globe.



We analyze unbiased online conversations: online data continues to grow and offer more insight every day


We offer 95% data relevancy and quality rate which means no noise. We integrate our in-house built software with human analysis to derive insights from data that is relevant and accurately investigated.


We rely on marketing science and focus on actions and impact: we help you to be smarter, better and to beat competition.



1. Choose the right direction

In order to get the right results, you need to choose the right direction. Insights can look and be different depending on your perspective. Do you want to take action from a brand, product or market perspective?

2. Select the right program

Once you pick the right angle, the journey of getting social insights relies on quality and relevance. We focus on the quality of the data and removing the noise. By selecting the right program, you make sure you get the insights and KPI’s that matter most to you.

3. Receive your initial results

After the introduction phase we provide you with the initial results, so if necessary we can adjust the research design and customize it. This way, we assure that at the end of the ride you get what you asked for.

4. Get mind-changing insights

 The impact of social insights relies on action, which depends on your organizational structure and internal capabilities. We provide mind-changing insights so you can choose the right course of action.

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